What is the best way to smoke sausage using an electric smoker?

Smoking food can be a lot of fun if you are using the right tools. An electric smoker makes things far easier for you. If you love to prepare a tasty and fully flavored sausage, follow these steps to achieve your goal.

Get materials needed

Get the woodchips you will need for smoking the sausages. Remember to select the woodchip with a complementary flavor. For sausage with dominant flavor, use mesquite, walnut, pecan, or hickory chips.

However, if you want mild flavored sausages, try oak, cherry, apple, or maple pellets.  It’s not important to soak the woodchips in water before using them. The smoke from the soaked wood does not produce the real smoke for a well flavored sausage. A dry wood will do just fine.

Prepare the smoker

Light up the smoker and preheat to 2000 F. You can do this by setting the temperature on the smoker. You can use the thermometer or built-in thermometer to check the heat levels. Make sure the smoker is closed properly to preserve the internal heat within the smoker. Place the woodchips into the tray and slide in the tray into the firebox. 

Smoke and watch closely

Keep the sausages in the smoker’s cooking chamber. Make sure the sausages are kept in separate racks an inch apart. This will make sure the flavor is evenly distributed in the chamber.  Close the door and leave the door closed until the sausage is ready. Constantly opening the door will increase the smoking time, as heat will escape each time you open the door.

Your electric smoker can help you determine the cooking time for your sausage. You don’t need to open the smoker for any reason until it’s ready.  Once your sausage is ready, you can take it out and serve with sauce.

Generally, sausages can take up to 2 hours when you set the temperature to about 2000 F. After 2 hours, you can make use of the smoker’s thermometer to find out whether the meat is ready. The sausage’s internal temperature should be about 1650 F before you can take them out.

Once it reaches this temperature, the best electric smoker will sound an alarm to notify you. So, you may not necessarily need to open the smoker to check the meat. An electric smoker makes this easier for you. All you need to do is set the right temperature and relax. No need for constant monitoring or constantly opening the smoker.