The Most Popular Salads In The World

Unless you are trying to shed some weight, salads may not be a key component of your foods during lunch and dinner. But they can add some spice into your culinary world as they have various nutritional benefits. Some are quite tasty, and not as tasteless and boring as some people think. To get you in the mood, below are the tastiest and most popular salads around the world.

Israeli salad

This is the most common dish prepared in Israel. It’s like a staple food in the country. Israeli Salad is made of onions, cucumber, and chopped tomatoes.  Since it’s not heavy, you can serve it in sandwiches or with different types of dishes. To make the salad, you have to chop the vegetables into small pieces and mix with other ingredients. Looking at the prepared salad will entice anyone to indulge.


If you are looking for something spicier, you should try this one. Its ingredients include herbs, lime juice, and fish or pork. You can choose to use either of pork, turkey, duck, beef, or chicken for the salad. Larb is often served with sticky rice and vegetables.


The Salad is of Indonesian heritage with lots of ingredients. It is made with hard boiled eggs, tempeh, cabbage, corn, bitter gourd, chayote, spinach, bean sprouts, string beans, and potatoes.

Although the ingredients are much, you can have it easier when you prepare with a smoker. The best electric smokers have certain temperature settings that can help you prepare Gado-gado with little fuss.  After smoking the meat, you can add the ingredients and coat them with peanut sauce dressing. If you have been to an Indonesian restaurant, you will see several tables been served with this special delicacy.

Waldorf salad

Waldorf salad traces its roots back to urban royalty, precisely in the 1980s at the Waldorf Hotel.  It was created by Oscar Tschirky, and has since been a popular fruit salad for some Americans. It is made of walnuts, celery, and fresh apples.

Cobb Salad

This one is made with eggs, onions, tomato, bacon, and chicken. It is no ordinary salad, as you can see with its ingredients. It was named after its creator, Robert Cobb. Although Salads go along with other meals, it’s not the case with Cobb Salad. It will surely be enough for your meal even if you eat it without another dish.

Nicoise salad

We will be doing the list a great injustice if we fail to include this impressively popular culinary delight. Nicoise salad originated from France. It has a striking resemblance with the American Cobb salad in terms of preparation. The difference is in some of its ingredients. Instead of avocado, bacon, and chicken like the Cobb salad, it uses potatoes, green beans, and tuna. As a Mediterranean dish, Nicoise salad is increasingly gaining popularity in the United States.