How To Smoke Salmon The Right Way In An Electric Smoker

Smoking salmon is not as difficult as some people think. Once you’ve got the process right the first time, subsequent preparation will be easier than the previous. Here are some tips to guide you when smoking salmon with an electric smoker.

Prepare the Salmon

Obviously, the first thing you have to do is to prepare the salmon you want to smoke. You have to choose whether to buy whole salmon or deboned one. I will advise you to go for deboned salmon. Even though it’s more expensive, it saves you a lot of time and stress to debone it yourself.

After washing the salmon, pad dry and check to see if there are any bones left inside. Prepare and apply brine to the salmon. Then keep the salmon in the refrigerator for about 8 hrs.  Remove the salmon and wipe off the brine.

Prepare your smoker

Select the right woodchips for your smoker. Fish do not need harsh woods, so it will be better to use mild woods.  There are great options like pecan, alder, or fruit woods like pear and cherry.  You can decide to pair some of these woods to get better flavor variation.  You can place foil on the smoker’s tray before placing the salmon. This will reduce the stress of cleaning after smoking the fish.

Smoke with the right temperature

Preheat the smoker at 1500 F and place your woodchips. Wait until the woodchips produces smoke before placing your salmon. Open the cooking space and place the fish in the rack.  Allow the salmon to cook for about two hours, although the actual cooking time depends on the size of the fish. With the best electric smoker, you can correctly determine the amount of time needed for each meal. The electric smoker goes off immediately that time has been reached.

About 20 minutes before the fish is ready, rub marinade at the top of the fish to improve its flavor and taste. Once the smoker reaches the 2-hour mark, find out whether your salmon is ready. You can do this by checking the thickest part. The thickest part should be slightly opaque when the fish is completely smoked.

Final Words

Smoking salmon is a lot easier with an electric smoker. This is because you can set the right temperature and relax while the smoker does its job. You need to keep the internal temperature at about 1400 F when smoking an average sized salmon. Once it reaches this temperature, the electric smokers notify the griller with an alarm. So, you don’t have to constantly monitor you food to avoid over-smoking it.