What is the best way to smoke sausage using an electric smoker?

Smoking food can be a lot of fun if you are using the right tools. An electric smoker makes things far easier for you. If you love to prepare a tasty and fully flavored sausage, follow these steps to achieve your goal.

Get materials needed

Get the woodchips you will need for smoking the sausages. Remember to select the woodchip with a complementary flavor. For sausage with dominant flavor, use mesquite, walnut, pecan, or hickory chips.

However, if you want mild flavored sausages, try oak, cherry, apple, or maple pellets.  It’s not important to soak the woodchips in water before using them. The smoke from the soaked wood does not produce the real smoke for a well flavored sausage. A dry wood will do just fine.

Prepare the smoker

Light up the smoker and preheat to 2000 F. You can do this by setting the temperature on the smoker. You can use the thermometer or built-in thermometer to check the heat levels. Make sure the smoker is closed properly to preserve the internal heat within the smoker. Place the woodchips into the tray and slide in the tray into the firebox. 

Smoke and watch closely

Keep the sausages in the smoker’s cooking chamber. Make sure the sausages are kept in separate racks an inch apart. This will make sure the flavor is evenly distributed in the chamber.  Close the door and leave the door closed until the sausage is ready. Constantly opening the door will increase the smoking time, as heat will escape each time you open the door.

Your electric smoker can help you determine the cooking time for your sausage. You don’t need to open the smoker for any reason until it’s ready.  Once your sausage is ready, you can take it out and serve with sauce.

Generally, sausages can take up to 2 hours when you set the temperature to about 2000 F. After 2 hours, you can make use of the smoker’s thermometer to find out whether the meat is ready. The sausage’s internal temperature should be about 1650 F before you can take them out.

Once it reaches this temperature, the best electric smoker will sound an alarm to notify you. So, you may not necessarily need to open the smoker to check the meat. An electric smoker makes this easier for you. All you need to do is set the right temperature and relax. No need for constant monitoring or constantly opening the smoker.

The Most Popular Salads In The World

Unless you are trying to shed some weight, salads may not be a key component of your foods during lunch and dinner. But they can add some spice into your culinary world as they have various nutritional benefits. Some are quite tasty, and not as tasteless and boring as some people think. To get you in the mood, below are the tastiest and most popular salads around the world.

Israeli salad

This is the most common dish prepared in Israel. It’s like a staple food in the country. Israeli Salad is made of onions, cucumber, and chopped tomatoes.  Since it’s not heavy, you can serve it in sandwiches or with different types of dishes. To make the salad, you have to chop the vegetables into small pieces and mix with other ingredients. Looking at the prepared salad will entice anyone to indulge.


If you are looking for something spicier, you should try this one. Its ingredients include herbs, lime juice, and fish or pork. You can choose to use either of pork, turkey, duck, beef, or chicken for the salad. Larb is often served with sticky rice and vegetables.


The Salad is of Indonesian heritage with lots of ingredients. It is made with hard boiled eggs, tempeh, cabbage, corn, bitter gourd, chayote, spinach, bean sprouts, string beans, and potatoes.

Although the ingredients are much, you can have it easier when you prepare with a smoker. The best electric smokers have certain temperature settings that can help you prepare Gado-gado with little fuss.  After smoking the meat, you can add the ingredients and coat them with peanut sauce dressing. If you have been to an Indonesian restaurant, you will see several tables been served with this special delicacy.

Waldorf salad

Waldorf salad traces its roots back to urban royalty, precisely in the 1980s at the Waldorf Hotel.  It was created by Oscar Tschirky, and has since been a popular fruit salad for some Americans. It is made of walnuts, celery, and fresh apples.

Cobb Salad

This one is made with eggs, onions, tomato, bacon, and chicken. It is no ordinary salad, as you can see with its ingredients. It was named after its creator, Robert Cobb. Although Salads go along with other meals, it’s not the case with Cobb Salad. It will surely be enough for your meal even if you eat it without another dish.

Nicoise salad

We will be doing the list a great injustice if we fail to include this impressively popular culinary delight. Nicoise salad originated from France. It has a striking resemblance with the American Cobb salad in terms of preparation. The difference is in some of its ingredients. Instead of avocado, bacon, and chicken like the Cobb salad, it uses potatoes, green beans, and tuna. As a Mediterranean dish, Nicoise salad is increasingly gaining popularity in the United States.

How To Smoke Salmon The Right Way In An Electric Smoker

Smoking salmon is not as difficult as some people think. Once you’ve got the process right the first time, subsequent preparation will be easier than the previous. Here are some tips to guide you when smoking salmon with an electric smoker.

Prepare the Salmon

Obviously, the first thing you have to do is to prepare the salmon you want to smoke. You have to choose whether to buy whole salmon or deboned one. I will advise you to go for deboned salmon. Even though it’s more expensive, it saves you a lot of time and stress to debone it yourself.

After washing the salmon, pad dry and check to see if there are any bones left inside. Prepare and apply brine to the salmon. Then keep the salmon in the refrigerator for about 8 hrs.  Remove the salmon and wipe off the brine.

Prepare your smoker

Select the right woodchips for your smoker. Fish do not need harsh woods, so it will be better to use mild woods.  There are great options like pecan, alder, or fruit woods like pear and cherry.  You can decide to pair some of these woods to get better flavor variation.  You can place foil on the smoker’s tray before placing the salmon. This will reduce the stress of cleaning after smoking the fish.

Smoke with the right temperature

Preheat the smoker at 1500 F and place your woodchips. Wait until the woodchips produces smoke before placing your salmon. Open the cooking space and place the fish in the rack.  Allow the salmon to cook for about two hours, although the actual cooking time depends on the size of the fish. With the best electric smoker, you can correctly determine the amount of time needed for each meal. The electric smoker goes off immediately that time has been reached.

About 20 minutes before the fish is ready, rub marinade at the top of the fish to improve its flavor and taste. Once the smoker reaches the 2-hour mark, find out whether your salmon is ready. You can do this by checking the thickest part. The thickest part should be slightly opaque when the fish is completely smoked.

Final Words

Smoking salmon is a lot easier with an electric smoker. This is because you can set the right temperature and relax while the smoker does its job. You need to keep the internal temperature at about 1400 F when smoking an average sized salmon. Once it reaches this temperature, the electric smokers notify the griller with an alarm. So, you don’t have to constantly monitor you food to avoid over-smoking it.

The Outdoor Furniture Sofa & Some Variations of Its Design Today: Outdoor Furniture Dallas Sofa

The composition of the outdoor furniture sofa is the part of the composition for the outdoor furniture. It often becomes the main point to be noticed especially when people have the large patio dimension. Some variations of the sofa can be found today and it becomes something important for people to appropriate the sofa design and dimension with the space available for placing it.

Composing the idea about the outdoor furniture sofa then must be started by considering its capability to make the perfect outdoor composition with the certain style. The variations of the patio furniture sofa must be understood to choose the appropriate style. The deep knowledge about the variations then is needed for avoiding the possibility of getting the wrong choice in the end. The review about that can be found easily today from some sources including from the home depot.

The Variations of the Design for the Outdoor Furniture Sofa

Some variations of the outdoor furniture sofa can be mentioned today are the variations relating to the forms. There are some forms that are commonly used but the most popular ones are two of them. The first is the L sofa composition. This style is the appropriate one to be used in the patio that has the small dimension. The L sofa composition can only available for the lower numbers of people to sit there.

The second popular style is the half circle composition. This style of the outdoor furniture sofa can be the appropriate one for the patio with the large dimension. Besides, this one also can be used in the small one with some modifications done. For the better result, people can consider their patio dimension at first and then they can consider about the possible formation of the sofa. That is something simple but sometimes hard to be done because of some reasons.

Then there is also one other style of the outdoor furniture sofa that is popular in elite modern people circle. The style is the outdoor furniture sofa bed. This combines the style of the sofa and the bed and it is often used by the elite people to take a temporary rest during their busy moment. The price offered for this sofa style is the high one. However, people do not need to prepare the large dimension of the patio for using it.

Wedding Buffet Table Ideas : Candy Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

Marriage is something that is eagerly awaited by everyone. Many things need to prepare when you want to hold a wedding celebration, one of which is a buffet table. The buffet table is a focal point at the wedding reception. Therefore, arranging a wedding buffet table should not be arbitrary because it is the one thing that will always be considered a moment you start to end of the wedding party. No need to cost a lot to make the buffet table decorations became more beautiful. You just need creativity to create beautiful and attractive buffet table ideas.

Buffet table decorations should be tailored to the theme of the wedding that you take. Do not let the wedding theme and decorations buffet table are mismatched because the incompatibility will make the wedding to be weird. Well, in this following, the writer will share about the wedding buffet table ideas that you can apply in your marriage later.

Elegant Buffet Table Ideas

The first is elegant buffet table ideas. How do you decorate the buffet table to make it look elegant? It is very easy. You can use rectangular buffet tables. Then arrange a few glasses of sweet glass on its top. In the glass, you can add a neat handkerchief. It is useful to give the impression that the glass is not empty. For color, you can use white or gold. Add a white flower pot in the middle of the table and candles that illuminate the buffet table.

Vintage Buffet Table Ideas

The next are vintage buffet table ideas. Decorative vintage is old classic theme. Although it is characterized as about 60s era theme, the theme of the wedding is able to provide a different atmosphere from the themes of another marriage. To decorate the buffet table vintage, you can add an ornament of pastel colored flowers are large and combined with fine hairs and fabric webs as a decoration in the middle. Arrange pastel plates on it anyway.

Outdoor Buffet Table Ideas

The other is outdoor buffet table ideas. If you are an outdoor wedding theme, you can organize your wedding buffet table becomes more relaxed. In the outdoor buffet table, you need to create the table full of food and decorated it with ornaments that match the theme that you choose. For example if you use a garden party wedding theme, then you should prepare are some more natural decorations such as leaves and flowers are still fresh and some ornaments from the original timber.